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October 30, 2013
Engine Speed(rev/min) Type of Operation Typical GeneratorOutput (Net) Engine Power
Gross Net
kVA kWe kWm bhp kWm bhp
1500 Prime PowerStandby Power 103.9114.3 83.191.4 94.4103.8 126.6139.2 92.3101.6 123.8136.2
1800 Prime PowerStandby Power 121.9134.1 95.7107.3 112.4123.6 150.7165.7 108.4119.2 145.4159.8

Standard Specification

Air inlet

Mounted air filter and turbocharger

Fuel system

In-line fuel injection pump

Spin-on full flow fuel oil filters and pre-filter

Lubrication system

Flat bottomed aluminium sump

Spin-on full flow oil filters

Oil cooler

Cooling system

Thermostat controlled cooling system with gear driven water pump

22’’ belt-driven pusher fan and guards

Electrical system

12 volt starter motor and alternator

Oil pressure and coolant temperature

switches & sensor

12 volt shut down solenoid

Flywheel and housing

High inertia flywheel to SAE3 size 10/111⁄2


Front engine mounting bracket

Optional Equipment

24 volt alternator

24 volt starter motor